Totem Asset Group, LLC is a Member of the National Futures Association and registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor and only provides Alternative Investment Solutions for Qualified Eligible Participants as defined in section 4.7 of the Commodity Exchange Act. I founded this firm in 2014.

Traders Fulcrum is a Chicago-based networking group for traders, fund managers, asset allocators and other alternative-investment types.  As co-founder with just 4 members, we grew organically and through word-of-mouth to over 2,000 members through more than 50 quarterly meetings in Chicago and New York. Twitter

40in20out The Real Time Trend Trading Experiment is an academic project to publish fully-transparent trend "Beta" in an effort to better educate investors and create useful alternative data. Has updated every minute of every trading day since 2014. Twitter

Commodities Customer Coalition
I served on the advisory board of the Commodity Customer Coalition (CCC).  This group was formed in the wake of the MF Global debacle to protect the interests of Commodity Customers everywhere and was instrumental in fully recovering investors' assets.